About Us

About Us

Exact Image specializes in promotional products, branded apparel, print collateral, graphic design and more. Founded in 2006, we are a locally owned & operated business in Missoula, Montana. We work with business both small and large and all across the United States.

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Our Story

Exact Image was born as a small two-person partnership ten years ago in a tiny office in Missoula. Over the years, owner, co-founder, and president Dave Lapham has grown the business in both size and scope, creating an environment that encourages both high-quality products and happy, accomplished team members.

Our Mission

  • We will create quality work. We like to say that we are called Exact Image, not Almost Exact Image. We believe that our commitment to quality work is what allows us to deliver the best promotional products and services in Montana.
  • We will put our customers first. We guarantee satisfaction and will do everything in our power to deliver exemplary, personal, and creative customer service in addition to high-quality products.
  • We will accomplish more by working together and helping each other. We thrive through collaboration knowing that as a team we can achieve more than as a group of individuals.
  • We will have fun. Joyful work is better work, and there is no reason to separate work from fun, especially when we are being creative and collaborative problem-solvers.
  • We will be active, caring members of our community. We show this dedication both through the work that we do and through our donations and volunteer work–both as a business and as individuals.

Meet Our Team

The ten team members at Exact Image are truly at the heart of everything we are and everything we do. Skilled, experienced, enthusiastic, and fun, each person that makes up our team supports the others both in and out of the office, and each person truly adds an invaluable and loved member to our “work family.”

Any projects that require a creative spin pass through the hands of our talented art director.

James is officially one of Exact Image’s account executives, but he likes to call himself a Brand Ambassador.

Our Connection to the Community.

One of the best measurements of our success is how much we give back to our community. Since we opened our doors ten years ago, we have donated over $150,000 in cash or in kind to local non-profit organizations, charities and various other organizations true to our hearts.

Some of the organizations and causes that we have assisted in the past include:

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