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Meet Albie, Top Dog

A malamute with attitude, and certainly top dog in charge at the office, Albie the dog comes into Exact Image with owner and office manager Codie Wegner. He spends his days barking a bit too much, receiving pets, and being cute. A member of the office life since December 2015, Albie’s biggest challenge at work is not eating his own toys and barking occasionally.


Albie was born in Missoula, Montana, as part of a litter of seven. His hobbies include playing fetch, looking handsome, eating toys, playing with his sister Kawi, eating treats, going on car rides, making a mess with his water bowl, going on hikes, cuddling and sleeping.


What Albie loves about his job: “I get treats from everyone in the office every day.”


What Albie loves about Exact Image: “I love listening to music in the back and I love when customers come to visit the production area.”

Departments: Office Floof
Positions: Top Dog

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