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Brian Konigsfeld

Meet Brian Konigsfeld, Screen Printer

Exact Image takes great pride in offering extremely high-quality screen-printed apparel and in creating each project precisely to each client’s order. This wouldn’t be possible without the skilled work of Brian Konigsfeld, our screen printer.

With five years of experience with the craft, Brian has been with Exact Image since September 2015. He says that he loves that the screen printing team can make their customers proud to choose Exact Image for their products–and that they can trust that the job will be get done right and on time.

Brian is originally from Great Falls, Montana. Outside of the shop, he enjoys, camping, folfing, hiking, and staying active in general. His biggest passion is producing electronic music and DJing–his alias is Dubsfeld and he greatly enjoys being involved in a number of musical side projects.


What Brian loves about his job: “I love making our customers proud to wear and show off their new gear. I also love the art of graphic design and screenprinting as a whole.”
What Brian loves about Exact Image: “I love our team chemistry. I also love that we offer extraordinary customer service.”

Departments: Production
Positions: Screen Printer

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