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Erica Johnson

Meet Erica Johnson, Embroidery Machine Operator

When you pick up your finished garments at Exact Image and they look great, chances are that Erica, our embroidery machine operator, had a lot to do with the quality outcome. She spends her workdays managing orders, “hooping” garments, overseeing the smooth operation of the embroidery machine, and making certain that each order is finished on time and in line with the client’s needs.


Before starting work with Exact Image in 2015, Erica co-owned a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she grew up. Before moving to Montana, she graduated from the University of Minnesota where she studied sociology and environmental science.


Erica loves life in Western Montana. In her free time, she loves to camp, cycle, and explore the outdoors with her partner and dog. She’s also an avid knitter who like to get out her needles and yarn while listening to podcasts or watching Star Trek. Currently, she’s really excited about the vegetable garden she just started.


What Erica loves about her job: “I love working with colors and textiles. I love seeing the product of my labor in the form of finished garments.”


What Erica loves about Exact Image: “I love our relaxed work environment–that we can be ourselves and listen to music we love, for example. I like that everyone works hard while at work but that time off and vacations are valued–that our lives outside of work are respected. I also love that we efficiently produce high quality products in house. I love that our team works together to exceed the needs of our clients.”

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