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Jacob Mucha

Meet Jacob Mucha, Art Director

Any projects that require a creative spin pass through the hands of our talented art director, Jacob Mucha. On any given weekday, Jacob can be found in the office creating art, converting files, making mock-ups, designing logos, developing brands, and creating all forms of collateral from business cards to banners.

Jacob grew up in Indiana and has a BA in Theatre, an AAS in Culinary Arts and an AA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Before moving to Missoula in 2015, he lived in Seattle, Washington, and worked as a Graphic Designer at Charity USA during the day and served and bartended at Tom Douglas Restaurants in the evenings.

Jacob is married to a native Missoulian, with whom he is raising two awesome sons and a dog. In his free time he likes to run, cook, create things with paint and/or mixed media, spend time with his family and eat good food. He also enjoys drinking a cocktail or two and shaking his booty with family and friends.

What Jacob loves about his job: “I like the visual aspect of my job–I like making things look good. I especially enjoy typography and whitespace.”


What Jacob loves about working for Exact Image: “I like our attention to detail and how we make sure we get what the client needs and wants. I also enjoy my colleagues’ enthusiasm for their jobs.”

Departments: Management, Production
Positions: Art Director

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