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James Dodge

Meet James Dodge, Account Executive

James Dodge is officially one of Exact Image’s account executives, but he likes to call himself a Brand Ambassador. As a salesperson, he spends his days talking to clients and vendors, creating estimates, ensuring that jobs are on track to meet deadlines, searching for specific products for clients, and contacting potential new clients. He also handles walk-in clients.

Before beginning at Exact Image in 2015, James spent a decade working for both the Missoula Food Bank and Montana Food Bank Network where he was a project manager and program coordinator. Prior to that, he was a project manager for Education Logistics, a local software company.

James has lived in Missoula for the past 24 years, has been married to a native Missoulian for 16 years, and has been the parent of a native Missoulian for 9 years. On his off time, he loves to be in the mountains hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. He is also a soccer enthusiast, as a player, a coach, and a fan. His great cold weather passion is skiing and he can be found with his son at Snowbowl most winter weekends.

What James loves about his job: “I love the variety and problem solving that comes with my job, but most of all I love helping my clients to realize their business dreams by establishing their brand in the marketplace, promoting their brand to current and potential customers, and helping their businesses be successful. I also love my co-workers and the team culture of Exact Image.”

What James loves about working for Exact Image: “I love that all of us work together to fulfill our clients’ needs. With every order, there is truly a team effort that involves a great amount of communication and decision-making behind the scenes.”

Departments: Sales

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