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Pete Aklestad

When people ask senior account executive Pete Aklestad what he does for a living, he says, “I sell fun.” Not only is it a conversation starter, it’s also a way that he’s found new business, new connections, and even new friends.

What does selling fun consist of? On a daily basis, you can find Pete doing two major things: taking care of Exact Images’ current clients, and looking for new clients who might benefit from what Exact Image offers. From helping clients find the next perfect creative idea, to helping clients build their brand in the right direction, he’s dedicated to making and keeping happy customers.

Pete has worked for Exact Image for the past eight years. A Montana native who grew up in Bigfork, he studied sales and management before working in the corporate sector throughout the west. When he decided to find his way back to Montana, he was relieved to find the right fit with Exact Image.

Outside of work, Pete spends much of his time with friends or volunteering in the community. He also enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, biking, hiking, and golfing.  

What Pete loves about his job: “I work with a talented group of people who I trust to do their respective jobs, which allows me to focus on my area of expertise. We rely on each other, and a team always wins over an individual.”

What Pete loves about working for Exact Image: “We are a full service company.. We can do embroidery, screen print, graphic design, print products, and promotional products. Our clients can get everything they need from us. We are a one-stop shop. As a company, we stand behind everything we do, so the name Exact Image is more than just a name, it is really what we are all about. We do make mistakes, but we own them, and offer solutions instead of excuses.”

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