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Sherri Repinski

Meet Sherri Repinski, Embroidery Director & Production Manager

With 26 years of embroidery and digitizing experience and three years of experience at Exact Image, our embroidery director Sherri Repinski has the skill and the confidence to get projects done efficiently and perfectly. During any given day at our shop, you can find her working on production, quality control, research and development, machine maintenance and logos, –not to mention creating high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing designs.


Sherri grew up in Alberton, Montana. In her spare time, she loves playing pool, golfing, rafting, camping and going to concerts.


What Sherri loves about her job: “The majority of us here at Exact Image have been in the industry for a long time and we are masters of our craft. Our sales team is the best. The combination of those two things makes for a pretty laidback atmosphere. We come in, kick ass and leave.”


What Sherri loves about Exact Image: “I love that I get to do a variety of different tasks during my day. I really enjoy wowing our clients by producing professionally-decorated apparel.”

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